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How to back up everything on Android

Backups to your own Android are crucial. There is nothing Worse than dropping everything in your own telephone or pc and realizing you Albums, files or text messages. In this guide, we will discuss how to back up your mobile phone.

Android backup with Google

Backing up Android is Simple Nowadays, thanks to Google’s cloud services. All of your programs and information secure, and you are able to make the most of the with a Few straightforward actions to back up your contacts, text messages, program data, and more:

Visit Settings > System
Open Backup
Toggle up to Google Drive on whether it is not already.
You can see each of the Kinds of information being backed up (this comprises Wi-Fi passwords, passwords, calls, settings, photographs and videos, program data)

back up everything on Android

All this will probably be associated with your Google account, and you Can set this to automatically restore when you reinstall an program.

How to back up contacts on Android

In fact, the aforementioned Google copies include your contacts so don’t worry. Until… nicely, some carriers or manufacturers offer their own ports for organizing your contacts, and those do not automatically sync Google’s Contacts program . Unless you are completely dedicated to a single maker or company, this is not the ideal situation. If your information is set to sync to Verizon’s database, or your own SIM card, rather than Google, as an instance, you are going to be out of luck should you change into some non-Verizon telephone in the future, or when you lose your SIM card.

To avert this circumstance, assess your contact programs settings and be sure it is not put to back up to anyplace else, and also to proceed Settings > Backup as explained above and make certain it’s toggled on.

How to backup everything on your phone with software tools: MobiKin Assistant

You will never know if you could accidentally delete something precious. Backing up your information, thus, is absolutely crucial, and I am sure many of you’ve heard the hard way. It is not just once you lose your mobile phone. Doing upgrades can occasionally cause your information to be missing.

A simple way to Make Sure your information is backed up would be to utilize MobiKin Assistant to get Android, Which exports all such as contacts, text messages, programs, photographs, videos, music and much more in their initial format and quality.

If You only wish to get the business done, the application is going to do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is download the program. Safely, and better still, it is going to free up any space. Mobikin Assistant Works with nearly all Android Phones, such as current flagships like

back up everything on Android

Wish to back up out of your iPhone? MobiKin also offers an Assistant instrument for iOS apparatus. If You Have to back up your iPhone or even iPad, attempt MobiKin Assistant to get iOS:

MobiKin Assistant to get iOS (Windows)
MobiKin Assistant to get iOS (Mac)

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Back up Android phone to PC

If you do not feel like expecting The occupation to 3rd party applications, there is always the DIY system. The main reason is straightforward: a few manipulations demand a factory reset and so divert your data, so it’s much better to have place them elsewhere to have the ability to revive them.

It is easy to back up your own Android cellphone to your PC using an easy cable link…
Here you’ll find a lot of folders including photographs, videos, music and files.
Go right into every folder and then copy/paste the things that you need to save on your computer for safekeeping.

This is a Fairly useful thing to do if you have other backup Options at hand, since there’s no such thing as a lot of copies. If You Would like to recover it at a later date then you will need to return In your PC.

back up everything on Android

App backup (for rooted phones)

If your Telephone is rooted then There’s no better backup Alternative than
Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup allows you to back up completely everything On your cell phone. Can setup scheduled backups so you’ve got a normal snapshot of your The programs you are currently using.

Backups can be performed without even closing the apps you’re currently using. They may be stored as flashable zips. Titanium also enables you to move files between the SD card along with your telephone With the utmost simplicity.

Download Titanium

How to back up everything on Android with Titanium Backup

  • Download the Titanium Backup Program in your Android.
  • Start the app and give it root privileges.
  • You’re going to be asked to read some disclaimers etc (that is a fantastic idea).

Titanium needs superuser permission in order to do full backups.

  • You Have to have USB Debugging enabled in your Mobile Phone.

In Titanium you will notice three tabs. One is the Overview tab with info on your device, the next is Backup/Restore where all of the fun things happens and the third party is for scheduling routine backups.


  • Go to the Backup and Restore tab.
  • You will see a listing of your telephone’s contents together with icons which indicate whether they have been backed up.
  • Triangular warning signals mean you don’t have any backup and smiley faces are fairly self explanatory.

back up everything on Android

  • If you would like to back up your system information or programs, tap the tiny document with a check mark on it in the very top. This may take you to the batch action listing.
  • Then tap Run next to whatever action you want to be completed.
  • If you would like to back up your apps, tap Run next to Backup all User Apps .
  • If you want to back up your system data tap Run next to Backup all System Data.

back up everything on Android

Titanium will then proceed through the procedure of producing your backup. This might take a little while.

After And stored. You can also create an document to be flashed via Recovery if you want, or you’ll be able to reestablish through Titanium itself.

  • To Restore from Titanium, simply go to the Batch Actions display again and scroll downagain.
  • You will see choices below the Restore setting for those activities you finished before: in this case, Restore all apps with data and Restore all system data.

back up everything on Android

  • Tap Run Alongside the Action you want to restore.
  • You will then have the choice to restore whatever you backed up or only some segments of it.
  • Make your decisions and tap the green test mark in the top right corner.
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How to transfer Android backups

As you can see, depending upon the Processes and type of backup, Transferring documents to Android may be carried out in various ways. Generally, when you’ve utilized Titanium Backup or Helium, then you need to simply reinstall the program and copy the backup folder into the smartphone if it’s no more there.

Consistently copy copies to your personal computer or a different device outside your smartphone. That way you’re certain to have the ability to move your documents after, with no unpleasant surprises.

Some manufacturers provide services to transport files in a really easy way.

The Benefit is that virtually everything is automatic, while the drawback is that the transport isn’t only possible to a device of the exact same brand. Assess your smartphone version to find out if this application can be obtained.

What is your favorite backup process, and why? Tell us in the comments!


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